• Berlin 1989

    Berlin 1989

    We all know communism and the DDR was bad, but East German design was pretty cool. […]

  • Adventure of Meno

    Adventure of Meno

    Flash-based website for the “Adventure of Meno” book series

  • Japanistic Ad for Bust Magazine

    Japanistic Ad for Bust Magazine

    Online retailer of cool and hip Japanese products

  • Mieradome


    Flash-based website created for the book “Mieradome” by Kate O’Hegarty.

  • The Chemical Garden Books

    The Chemical Garden Books

    Website for the chilling dystopian trilogy by debut author Lauren DeStefano

  • Mary Jurek Design

    Mary Jurek Design

    eCommerce website for a Los Angeles based luxury goods company

  • Tony DiTerlizzi

    Tony DiTerlizzi

    New York Times bestselling author and illustrator

  • Silverscape Designs

    Silverscape Designs

    eCommerce website featuring jewelry and crafts from the finest artists.

  • M.T. Anderson

    M.T. Anderson

    Flash-Based website for the author and National Book Award winner

  • Japanistic


    eCommerce website for some really cool stuff!

  • ADP-Faith


    Logo Design for a new faith based initiative

  • The Search for WondLa

    The Search for WondLa

    Flash-based website for the exciting new book by Tony DiTerlizzi